December 3, 2016

Water Damage Treatment – It’s Not What You Think

Phone Water Damage Treatment

Let’s talk about treating your water damaged phone. The first thing that comes to your mind, “let’s put this phone in rice!’. While you might think that’s a good idea, it sure is not.

Putting your phone into a rice bowl is the equal effect as doing nothing. You might feel that you are at least doing something and drying the phone is the best way to go. When water hits a phone or any other electronic, corrosion is instant. Corrosion makes the metal inside of electronics weak and over time it will break. When the corrosion hits important parts inside of your phone or electronic device, it can seriously affect your phones long-term health. If you had the phone in rice, you might think the rice saved the phone, but in reality, it didn’t.

Yes, the phone might be working but it will still have oxidized joints that are weakened from the corrosion. The corrosion will continue to spread inside your phone like a virus. You have done nothing but temporary luck. Good luck.

So you might ask, what’s the real secret to water damage?

You DON’T want to DRY it!

What you want to do is first displace the water, or more specifically – all the conductive stuff in the water.

Here are the steps:

Don’t try to power on your device whatsoever! Don’t put in rice either!

  1. Dry off the device, shake the water out of ports.
  2. If your phone does turn on due to notifications turn off immediately.
  3. Bring your phone to Fixpal as soon as possible. Water damage customers are a priority.

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