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Screen Repairs

Breaking your screen is very frustrating. Luckily you have local professionals who can fix and repair your screen in a timely manner and reasonable cost. 

Water Damage Repairs/Recovery

Did you drop your phone in the water? We have fixed phones that fell in the toilet, went for a shower and dropped into puddles. Please don’t put your phone in rice. Learn more here >

Tablet Repairs

Owning a tablet is awesome. Repairing a tablet is hard. Leave it to the professionals! We make sure it gets done right.


Tired of your phone? Need something new? We can customize your phone to feel new again and better than your friends. (Great way to show off.)

We Are Certified.

iFixit Master Certification

Fixpal went through the extensive iFixit MasterTech Exam to make sure your repairs are being done properly and professional. Don’t let a stranger break your phone but instead, leave it to the certified professionals. 

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Fast Turnaround Time

Being stuck without a phone sucks. We have been there!  
We have put a lot of focus on making sure the projects get delivered to our customers as quickly as possible.
*Time will vary depending on the project

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